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The first time I heard about the concept of dedicated postpartum care for moms, a lightbulb went off for me. My first question, “Why haven’t I heard about this before?!”

It turns out, many cultures – particularly non-Western ones – are steeped in the tradition of offering postpartum care. This support of new mothers focuses first and foremost on healing her. Through emotional, physical and even spiritual support, she becomes empowered to step into her new role and offer the best care to her baby.

Healing takes place through very intentional food choices, the use of herbs, bodywork like massage and above all, instilling the mom with comfort, balance and deeply nurturing support.

I was drawn to postpartum care in the Ayurvedic tradition. According to Ayurveda, the first 42 days after a woman gives birth set the tone for her next 42 years as a mother. Are those first days tender, calm and full of connection? Or frenetic, tense and fearful? My Ayurvedic postpartum doula training gave me such an appreciation for the transformation moms endure, often without recognizing the scope of this change and without receiving the support they deserve.

I am so inspired by this work and humbled by the ripple effect that it can have for generations to come as moms operate at their highest potential and show up for their families in a way that’s loving and sustainable.

This all begins with sparking awareness for women, families and communities. We have to begin by recognizing that this problem exists and that it’s widespread. Western cultures have the opportunity to learn from ancient traditions, address this gap in our healthcare system and adopt more impactful ways of supporting our mothers.

Feel free to contact me, review my postpartum care offerings or check out my blog posts for more resources.

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