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Nothing is more critical to cultivating joy in your life than the soul. It can serve as a source of truth amidst uncertainties and distractions, propelling you towards your purpose.

It took me a lot of practice to start hearing my soul again, after years of neglecting her. Once I started to recognize her voice, I did everything I could to celebrate her, invite her in and most importantly, understand her. Because I really needed to get to know her, I named her Jasmine. As in the princess.

Now, I recognize the signs when she starts to act out, which is my first clue that some part of my life is out of alignment. This will be a life-long balancing act. But the good news is that by working with, not against, her, I’m able to undo unhealthy patterns, remove obstacles, trust my decisions and find an ease that I never thought was possible.

You might be familiar with the concept of flow. Think of it as your life purpose hitting its stride. When my teacher Arda first explained flow, or synchronicity, to me, he used the example of effortlessly finding parking spots at a crowded mall. Extend that concept from daily conveniences to life-changing opportunities. I am constantly humbled by the supportive forces that the Universe deploys on our behalf if we can learn to listen and let go.  (By the way, you can find a link to Arda’s book in the Resources tab. It changed my life.)

My soul exploration has led me down many paths, and I’ve found so many tools to aid in that journey. Like most things, the hardest part is just starting. Once you open yourself to change, the right tools will find their way to you. Call it serendipity (or maybe woo-woo), but I’ve seen it happen many times over. It reminds me of a line from Harry Potter: “The wand chooses the wizard.” YES!

For me, books and journaling were my earliest tools. Then came reiki, yoga and Ayurveda. I’m currently learning to connect more with nature, and I’ve found that cooking and planting a garden are really speaking to me.

But tools that inspire me won’t work for everyone. Research and learning will only get you so far; the power comes with applying new tools to your life and feeling their impact on you. And most importantly, stay open to surprises!

Check out my blog posts for more inspiration, tools and resources.

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